• Does Your Anti-Aging Skincare Routine Need Retinol or Retinoids?

    Anti-aging skincare options made with retinol or other retinoids currently flood the market for women’s beauty products. Is it worth it to add one more thing to your daily routine? Do you really need a Retinoid…

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    Dealing With Social Anxiety In Adulthood

    Lifestyle  |  Florida

    I’ve been dealing with something fairly new in my adulthood, and it’s Social Anxiety, almost Social Phobia, to be quite honest with you. Dealing with social anxiety in adulthood is quite a challenge, especially when…

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    The One Note Perfume That Changed My Life

    This is my signature scent, made of one unique note. Find out why the Not A Perfume is indeed my favorite perfume.

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    Why Do We Blog? Is Honest Blogging Dead?

    The raw innocence of blogging just because has been lost and we are now just concerned about SEO and if our blog will make it to the first page of Google.

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    The Perfect Guide To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

    …However, this all changed once I figured out the way to stick to my New Year’s resolutions list. The best part? It works and it doesn’t require much of you besides a little bit of discipline especially in the beggining. But wait! It is easy, and worth it.

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    The Easiest Healthy Vegan Quinoa Tabbouleh Recipe

    Learn how to make the perfect vegan-wheat-free quinoa tabbouleh. This recipe will impress your guests and you will want to make this every-single-day!

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