High End Foundations On Oily Skin NC25-NC30

foundation nc25 nc30 best

Are you a NC25-30 girl? Great, this post is for you! I’ve been testing foundations on my oily skin for a long time now. And I’ve decided to break down the best and the worst high-end foundations (ok, not all of them are high-end) for combination to oily skin. I’ve tested all of them so YOU don’t have to! Because you know, it’s tragic when you spend $30+ on a foundation that simply does not agree with your skin.

foundation nc25 nc30 best

Left to right: YSL All Hours – BD30, Chanel Vitalumière Aqua – 40 Beige, Wet N Wild Photophocus – 368C Golden Beige, Kat Von D Lock It – Medium 52 Warm, Cover FX Custom Drops – G40, It Cosmetics CC Cream – Medium

foundation nc25 nc30 best


foundation nc25 nc30 best

Beautiful, simply beautiful. I’ve received this foundation as one of the perks of being an influencer, so the shade wasn’t the best match, but let’s talk about the foundation itself. It’s medium-full coverage and it is matte. It looks flawless but It can cling to dry patches if you’re like me (oily but sometimes dehydrated skin with dry patches).

So make sure to moisturize well before you apply it. And a good blurring primer will make things even better, since it’ll make the foundation glide onto your skin without any issue. The shade I have is called BD30 and using some chiaroscuro trick (fancy name for contour and highlight), I can make it work. If you lean more to NC20-25, I think this is a good match, I am more to NC30 than NC25.

It lasts throughout the day and I really like it. But again, make sure your face is moisturized and primed before applying it, or it’s game over.


chanel vitalumiere foundation nc25 nc30 best

Chanel is one of the must-have high-end foundations along with YSL and Dior. What I love about this foundation is the packaging, it is perfect for traveling. This foundation needs a good shake (I mean it!) before you use, so don’t forget it! I have the shade 40 Beige and I feel like it’s better for NC35 than NC30. I would go a shade lighter or add the Cover FX custom drops to lighten things a little bit. I had a good tan when I bought it so it makes sense why it’s slightly darker than my go-to foundation.

It’s not really yellow, it has that pink/red-ish undertone which I dislike a lot. It has a floral scent but nothing too overwhelming like the Dior foundation I’ve mentioned. It feels beautiful on the skin, very velvety and it’s not satin nor matte. It’s just beautiful.

My oily skin get oily quick with this foundation but I love it. I wish I had a better shade though. If you’re more towards NC25, totally stay away from the shade 40 Beige, it will be too dark for you.


I don’t even have this foundation anymore to show you swatches or photos of the bottle. It’s a very fluid foundation, hence the name serum. It comes with a dropper and you gotta be careful not to splash foundation everywhere. When I say it’s fluid, I mean it’s almost like water.

I have the shade 30 (if I’m not mistaken) and it oxidezed on my skin, making it very red/orange. So if you want to try it out and you’re oily like me, I would recommend trying a sample one shade down just to see if it will oxide on you first. The coverage is a light-to-medium and it looks beautiful on your skin. However, this foundation is not meant for oily skins. At least not for mine.

My face gets oily ultra fast with this foundation, and it just doesn’t look good after some time. I feel like a beautiful pan ready to fry an egg. It transfer a lot and overall I am not impressed with it. Also, like most (if not all) Dior products, it has a very floral scent to it. So if you’re sensitive or acne prone, I do not recommend this foundation.

Even my dry-skin friend said this foundation made her skin oilier than usual.


wet n wild foundation nc25 nc30 best

This is NOT a high-end foundation, on the contrary my darling. This foundation costs no more than $5 and it’s one of the best foundations at the drugstore at the moment (L’Oréal True Match is still my favorite). It’s a foundation that will look good in every light condition, video, photo and events. I have the shade 368C Golden Beige and it’s a good match, perhaps one or half shade lighter would work best, but I can get away with it. It doesn’t have any scent to it and it looks just beautiful. The finish is just perfect and if you’re looking for a good affordable option, I highly recommend this one!


kat von d foundation nc25 nc30 best

This foundation is famous for being able to cover tattoos and being full coverage. But does it look good on oily skin? Let’s take a look.Man, when they said full coverage they were not lying. This foundation is like cement on your skin. Even if you apply it using a light hand and barely no product, it’s still medium-full coverage. Lock-It by Kat Von D keeps winning the battle, because I just can’t seem to make this foundation work.

It clings to dry patches you didn’t even know were there, and it looks cakey if you don’t blend it well. The only way I’ve found to make this foundation work is if I barely use any product and only on areas that I actually need, like dark spots from breakouts on my cheeks and around my nose (it’s slightly red). But other than that, it does last for a long time and it has a matte finish. I have the shade 52 Medium Warm and it’s not the warmest tone, it has a little bit of a pink tone to it. Ugh.


cover fx foundation nc25 nc30 best

This little bottle is a love and hate relationship. I have it in the shade G40 and it’s a beautiful yellow undertone, perfect for us , NC girls. The only reason why I bought this product is because some of my foundations tend to be more to the red-orange tone rather than the golden yellow perfection (my skin has NO pink undertone whatsoever). Since this shade is very yellow, I thought it was going to be my holy grail. And it can be… The custom drops are used to add coverage to a foundation and to perfect the color (making it lighter, darker, more yellow, etc).

So if you’re not careful and add way too much, it will look very cakey. This product comes with a dropper and its consistency is creamier than the average dropper-type-foundation. Like most fundations, it can cling to dry patches and look even worse, so be gentle and experiment with is before trying it for real (like before going to an event or going out with the girls). THE BEST TIP: add some drops to your regular moisturizer or sunscreen and you’ve got yourself a beautiful BB/CC Cream!


it cosmetics cc cream foundation nc25 nc30 best

I guess that since the Missha BB Cream hype, this CC Cream won everyone’s heart. It has SPF 50, beautiful coverage and skin-friendly ingredients, making this CC Cream one of the best in its category. It applies like a dream and it has a pleasant scent to it (nothing too overwhelming). It covers most blemishes and spots and the color Medium is a beautiful match for NC30 girls out there. It’s very moisturizing but I have to set it with powder or it’ll move fast.

It doesn’t have a matte finish, it’s more leaning towards satin, so if you like something that’s matte and flat, you won’t like this CC Cream. It makes my skin oily throughout the day, but I don’t mind, I really like this CC Cream. I love when products are 2, 3 in 1. You have the benefits of a skincare product, the coverage of a foundation and the protection of a sunscreen, all in one! The only issue though.. Is that I think that this product might break me out if my skin is a little bit reactive or if I wear it every single day. If you’re acne prone, be careful.

And if you’re acne prone, stay AWAY from the Missha BB Cream, because that has a strong scent and it breaks me out in a horrible way.

What are your all time favorite foundations for combination to oily skin? I’d love to know and try different foundations!



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