Huda Beauty Obsession Palette In Warm Brown | Brutal Honest Review

huda beauty warm obsessions palette review

Time for an honest review of the Huda Beauty Obsession Palette In Warm Brown. A little while ago, this palette was all over the internet. Huda Beauty, the YouTube star who launched her own makeup line, came out with 3 little eyeshadow palettes called Huda Beauty Obsession in Warm brown, Mauve, Smokey and Electric. It was really hard for me to pick one, since the Mauve is beautiful! Since it retails for $27 at Sephora (get 3% to 6% cashback with Ebates), I took the safe route and bought the Warm Brown.
This little palette is perfect for warm skin tones, since the colors are really flattering, ranging from red-toned tan to orange and golden colors.

huda beauty warm obsessions palette review

*unedited photo to show the colors properly.

I was looking for the perfect palette to take with me on trips and quick romantic getaways with my husband, and something that would be lightweight, small and good quality. Huda Beauty is known for making expensive yet awesome product. This palette has almost no fallout and the pigment is good. The colors don’t swatch very pigmented (see the photo below), but they blend and build well, they are really buttery and the golden shadow in the middle just makes your look go from “running errands” to “let’s party”.

huda beauty warm obsessions palette review

I am overall satisfied with this palette, but I don’t think it’s worth $27. If you’re saving money to buy an eyeshadow pallete that’s good and cheap, there’s plenty of options in the market nowadays. Morphe has palettes that are way cheaper and the quality is just marvelous. But if you don’t mind the splurge and want something that will look great in your makeup collection whilst giving you the quality you expect from an eyeshadow palette, go for it!

If you love Huda and really want to try the Huda Beauty Obsession palette, by all means, go for it! You do you, but I’m here to tell you my two cents on this palette.


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