Is It’s A 10 Haircare Really A 10? Honest Review

its a 10 haircare review

Who doesn’t love the It’s A 10 Haircare leave-in product? It’s a must and I’m pretty sure you all heard of it, or gave it a try at least once! But did you know that It’s A 10 Haircare company does way more than just one leave-in product? I’m here to show you two of their incredible collections: Blow Dry Collection and Miracle Whipped Collection.


its a 10 haircare blow dry review

Let’s talk about the Blow Dry Collection first. This collection was made to help treat and protect the hair prior to a blow dry, and also to tame those baby hairs, frizz and it adds shine to the hair. The cool thing about this line is that is has heat protection in it, and the Balm works wonders to make your blow dry beautiful in less time.

The conditioner is something so different and it makes washing your hair a whole new experience. It has an icing texture to it, almost like you are applying icing/glaze instead of regular conditioner to your hair. Let me tell you, it makes your hair so soft and silky, it’s crazy!

I am so happy with this line, it has become a part of my regular hair routine, especially when I know I’ll need to blow dry my hair for an event or a date with my husband. This line is free os sulfates and it is safe for every hair type, even chemically treated.


its a ten haircare review

The It’s A 10 Haircare Miracle Whipped Collection is “supercharged with protein and phytonutrients which provide instant smoothness and repair“. It’s a line that will really treat your hair from the shampoo, until their balm and hairspray.

What I love about this line is the balm, because it comes in a “whipped” form, just like your regular whipped cream – you almost want to eat it! It really protects and repairs your hair, provides humidity resistance, and it’s a perfect addition to my haircare routine (for when I am not using the Blow Dry collection). 

The hairspray is not different than your regular hairspray, and it holds the style for a long time. However, it does leave that hard touch and texture in your hair, and it will feel like you have hairspray on. It’s not my favorite hairspray, but I will keep giving it a try just to see if I’ll fall in love with it or not.

its a 10 haircare review

I personally like the Blow Dry line better than the Miracle Whipped, but simply because I like to dry my hair whenever I wash it! For the other collection, I do think it makes my hair smooth and silky!


*It’s A 10 Haircare sent me both collections, but I am not being paid to talk about the product, and the company has not asked me to post anything. I legitimately like it.


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