My First Coaching Session Made Me Drink Half Bottle Of Wine

life coach made me drink

I was not expecting to drink half a bottle of wine after my first session with a Life Spiritual Coach.

I’ve never been to a Psychologist or Therapist, let alone a Life Coach. But since one of the gurus I follow on IG was having a special on her sessions, I decided to give it a try. She’s Brazilian like me, living in NY, and used to be a well known model (she even dated DiCaprio!). Anywho, I had my first session with her and it made me drink half bottle of wine on a Friday morning…

I had three topics to talk to her: my marriage, business/finance and my relationship with myself. And although my main topic was the business/finance, we just talked about my marriage. She told me things about my life and my relationship that I didn’t want to hear, and things that deep down I knew were true, but I had them buried in me, hiding from the surface. I cried, I got angry, I felt sad and felt a mix of emotions that were even worse, since my session was one day prior to my period. 

After the session, I felt numb. I stared at the screen for some good 20 minutes and didn’t know what to do, what to think or what to say to myself. I immediately went to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of wine we had open the previous night and drank the whole bottle (ok, it was half, but still… It wasn’t even 12pm). I just couldn’t feel a thing, I felt devastated by the shocking reality that she had told me.

Perhaps, I was just defensive because it was a complete stranger telling me things about my life and my marriage that I didn’t want to hear. I don’t know how to deal with confrontation, and with the fact that I might be wrong sometimes.

I won’t take everything as the holy truth, but I will sleep on most of the things she told me about my life. She’s also a psychic and she sees more than most people do. 

Energy is everything

I know we are the creator of our own reality, but what if we don’t know what reality we want for us? As a Gemini, I want everything at once, and most things are conflicting and do not go along well. Surprisingly, my life journey took another path, and I was not expecting this curve along the way.

Have you ever had a session with a life coach? I’d love to know your experience.


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