I Just Can’t Believe It – Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

glossier milky kelly cleanser review oily skin

I’ve been trying to find the perfect cleanser for awhile now. As you may know, my skin is sensitive, acne prone and very dramatic (aka it breaks out if it doesn’t like a product). Since learning that foaming cleansers are not good for your skin (Dr. Sam Bunting always talks about it), I’ve tried to find THE perfect non-foaming luxurious cleanser. But the problem is… Most cleansers have Niacinamide and on my skin, when applied topically, Niacinamide equals a brand new zit! Sad, but true. I have to be careful with the sneaky ingredients in beauty products. Well, I’ve tried Lush’s 9 to 5 and Ultrabland cleansers, and really liked them. They’re cream cleansers, all natural and made basically from Almond Oil and other nice ingredients. I will write a review shortly about them, so I won’t go into details.

Glossier is an amazing brand. No, really. I really like them even though I’ve never tried anything from them before this cleanser! I love the fact that they use exotic models and they are a very minimalist and unique brand. They’re not your regular Benefit, Taste, Marc Jacobs, let’s put it that way. But since the hype is strong with this brand, I’ve never had interest in purchasing anything from them. However, Tamira Jarrel ALWAYS raves about it and since I follow her and always watch everything she posts, I said “screw it, Imma buy it” and decided to purchase the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser AND the Boy Brow in Clear.

Where have you been all my life? That was my first question when I applied it on my wet skin. It FEELS luxurious, it feels elegant, it feels fancy and I can’t even describe how great it feels on your skin. I read some reviews that this cleanser leaves a film on the skin and it’s impossible to remove and I have to disagree. It cleans my skin beautifully and even though it won’t remove waterproof mascara, it does the job just fine with sunscreen and your regular minimalist makeup routine. I always remove the excess makeup with a 99.9% water makeup remover before cleansing my skin so I don’t know if it would do the job of actually removing 100% of your makeup.

glossier milky kelly cleanser review oily skin

This cleanser conditions my skin and I just can’t get over how elegant it is. I use tretinoin as a part of my skincare routine and I have to tell you, this cleanser solved my problem with dry patches due to the Retin-A. It leaves my skin moisturized and it’s just beautiful. Let me tell you a secret: this cleanser made my lashes stronger, and growing faster! I was impressed when I saw that after a couple of days my lashes looked better than before.

I highly recommend this cleanser even if you have acne-prone sensitive skin!



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