• Is It’s A 10 Haircare Really A 10? Honest Review

    Who doesn’t love the It’s A 10 Haircare leave-in product? It’s a must and I’m pretty sure you all heard of it, or gave it a try at least once! But did you know that…

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    The Perfect Dainty Natural Stone Gem Necklace

    For a few weeks now I was trying to find the perfect minimalist gem necklace to wear without having to take it off, also something that would not break my bank account. I was scrolling…

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    My First Coaching Session Made Me Drink Half Bottle Of Wine

    I was not expecting to drink half a bottle of wine after my first session with a Life Spiritual Coach. I’ve never been to a Psychologist or Therapist, let alone a Life Coach. But since…

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    When Less Makeup Is The Key To Happiness

    I used to be a makeup hoarder, no joke. I used to collect makeup and buy at least $20 worth of makeup every single week. Little did I know that the older I’d get, the…

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    The Truth About Working From Home

    I’ve always wanted to find a full time work from home situation. I was working as a Social Media Specialist at an agency and couldn’t take it anymore. The job itself was fine, sometimes overwhelming,…

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    Coola Organic Vegan Sunless Tan Sculpting Mousse

    I’ve never been a huge fan of fake tan. Not because I don’t believe in it, but because quite often I find it messy and hard to apply. However, I was sent the Coola Sunless…

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