The Perfect Dainty Natural Stone Gem Necklace

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For a few weeks now I was trying to find the perfect minimalist gem necklace to wear without having to take it off, also something that would not break my bank account.

I was scrolling down Etsy non stop, until I found the shop Delezhen and saw the most beautiful gem necklaces for an affordable price. I was looking for a gem that would heal my Throat Chakra and would look beautiful and feminine at the same time. My gem of choice was Lapis Lazuli, which helps with communication and verbal expression (much needed).

It is a deeply peaceful stone with calming blue energy. It can shield and deflect negative energies back to their source.

Now for the necklace, I wanted something minimal, feminine, gold filled and with a pendant that would stay in place. And Delezhen had something perfect on their shop!

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The Gem Slice Necklace Collection

Their gem slice collection is insane! It’s so beautiful that makes me want to buy all of them for different occasions. The photos below were taken from their Etsy shop.

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healing chakra jewelry
minimalist gem necklace

Each gem slice is different, since they’re natural stones and handmade by amazing artists. What got my attention while browsing their shop was the fact that they have a brief description of what each stone does for whoever wears it, and the type of energy it holds. Just lovely!

I picked the 15″ necklace because I the stone I chose has a connection with the Throat Chakra, and I wanted it close to my throat. It fits perfectly and it’s not snug or annoying (please note that people have different sized-necks and 15″ might be too tight or too lose for you). The necklace is just beautiful and I am really happy with it. 

The Packaging

The necklace came in a cute blue box, and inside there were a few cards, 15% discount to give to a friend, and a cloth to polish the necklace. I am not very Etsy-like, and was really impressed with the care, design and especially how quickly it arrived from MA to FL – it took only two days! 

delezhen etsy shop

I love to support small businesses and I highly recommend Delezhen shop on Etsy if you’re looking for something delicate, minimal, and that has beautiful raw gemstones in it!


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