The Truth About Working From Home

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I’ve always wanted to find a full time work from home situation. I was working as a Social Media Specialist at an agency and couldn’t take it anymore. The job itself was fine, sometimes overwhelming, but most of the time it was ok. I just had to deal with a toxic work environment that was slowly killing me from stress. It took me some time until I found my perfect work from home job. But let me tell you something… I wish I knew the truth about working from home.

Working from home has different meanings. It can mean that you’re taking the day off of work to do everything in the comfort of your house or it can mean that you work strictly from home, without having to go to an office. When I quit my job to become a full time blogger, it was the happiest day of my life! Quitting wasn’t easy, it never is. But knowing that you’re doing something that your heart agrees with, is the best feeling ever. You’re in peace with yourself and no one has the right to tell you otherwise.

But little did I know that working from home wasn’t that easy.

Fast forward to 2 months working full time from home. I currently work as a Contractor Digital Marketing Specialist, and I also have my blogs, YouTube Channel and other projects to develop. YES, it’s a lot to handle! I was doing all that before + working full time at an agency. No wonder why I was going crazy. Anyways, working from home is like a dream. I am hanging out with my cat all the time, I can take as many breaks as I can, I can watch Netflix, talk to my parents… And end up not getting any work done.

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Yes, that’s what you read. Working from home requires A LOT of planning, focus, discipline and motivation. And if you don’t control yourself, you’ll procrastinate more than anything else (because love, you always have tomorrow). My first few weeks of working from home were a disaster. I was getting a lot done one day, and not doing anything the next two days, followed by a day of “must do it all”, and a weekend of laziness. I was all over the place, and most of my personal projects were being left behind… again. I was getting lazier and lazier, with not only work, but also the house. It was a mess!
When I was questioning by decision to work full time from home, I’ve decided to do what I preach:

I had to organize my life.

I had to be really strict and plan my day according to what I needed to accomplish on that day. Every day is different, so I’m pretty sure one day will not be like the other for you. For instance, some days I need to work on my personal projects, while other days I need to dedicate my entire self to the freelance job. But the truth is, it made such a difference in my life! I was not only being more productive, but also being more aware of how I what I was doing with my day.

The best way to plan your day is to find a system that you’ll stick to on a daily basis.

At first, it’ll be quite confusing, because you have so many different ways to plan your day:

  • Planner
  • Digital Planner/Calendar (phone, laptop or ipad)
  • Post-it Notes (where you always see them)
  • Notes (phone, laptop or ipad)
  • To-Do List
  • Alarm & Alerts (phone, laptop, ipad)

But once you find what works for you, it’ll make your work-from-home-life better! And please trust me when I say that you need to plan your day, or you’ll be doomed. There’s no working from home without planning your day. There isn’t. Planning is crucial in order to have commitment, discipline and focus. It’ll make you stop procrastinating and be more productive. It’ll help you achieve all your goals for that day! And of course, it’ll make you feel so good.
Good luck on your journey!


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