When Less Makeup Is The Key To Happiness

minimalist makeup

I used to be a makeup hoarder, no joke. I used to collect makeup and buy at least $20 worth of makeup every single week. Little did I know that the older I’d get, the less makeup I’d wear.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love makeup and I’m always trying to find the latest holy grail product, something that’ll become a part of my collection for a long time (meaning, I will repurchase it over and over again). The thing is… I am not settling for “ok” products anymore.

I used to wear whatever makeup I would buy just because, which made me realize that if I treat myself and my beauty routine this way, I will treat everything else in my life the same way: accepting it just because.

That’s a big NO NO

After turning 27, I started to accept and love myself more without makeup. Even with the little imperfections that were visible on my skin, I would simply accept them and make them a part of who I was at the moment. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to make things better, on the contrary!

Accepting who I am makes me want to improve myself everyday, instead of hiding my true self behind a mask.

I was going through a phase of decluttering my house and holding on to whatever I truly enjoyed and loved. Kinda like the KonMari by Marie Kondo organization method. It made sense when Ben (my husband) and I were renovating the house and we had to move everything from one room to the other. I realized how much unnecessary things we had. We donated so many things, and yet there are still so many things in the house! It’s crazy to see how much we accumulate throughout the years.

Then it was time to declutter my makeup collection.

I took advantage of the momentum of decluttering everything in the house to close my eyes and be honest with myself when it came to my makeup collection: do I even like this? Do I even wear this? Is it still good? — if the answer was NO, I would either dd it to the pile of donation or throw it away. I had so much expired makeup that was no mystery that something I would break out or have burning sensations in my eyes. Gross, to say the least.

It felt so good to declutter my makeup collection. I’m gonna be honest with you though, I didn’t get rid of every little thing that I had not used in the past few months, mainly because I was not ready for it yet. But this was the final result:

This was everything that I was either donating or throwing away, and let me tell you that seeing this amount of expired and unused makeup was shocking! This energy was not moving and it was collecting dust in my drawers. 

Getting rid of all that extra makeup made me so happy

I kept only what I truly loved or recently had bought and those things that suited my skin type and tone (goodbye metallic orange lipstick from Cover Girl). By the way, if you spot a Mac Bronzer in that photo, it was 5 years old! It was definitely time to retire that beauty. Gross.


I gave the majority of the good makeup to my sister and mother, threw away what was expired and will donate what’s unused or still good to a Women’s Shelter (they always sanitize and clean the makeup prior to donating it). 

Like I said before, I still love makeup and I still purchase new products, but I am really careful with what I pick and I make sure to go to Sephora or Ulta to test it our before making my decision. Less makeup is making me love myself even more, but a full glam will always be a part of my life too!

These are personal thoughts and may not apply to you. If you love makeup and love to put on a full face everyday, I respect you and think that you are awesome!


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