Why Do We Blog? Is Honest Blogging Dead?

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Blogging is not something new. The first memory I have of blogging was when I was probably 12 or 13 years old (I am currently 27), when people used to blog like it was Twitter, which was founded in 2006. So yeah, we used to post about what we were doing, and most importantly: how we were feeling.

That’s right, blogging was a way for everyone to express their feelings, thoughts and current situation, more like a diary or a journal than anything else. It was cool to have a blog and no one was doing it. There was no competition, no Instagram models or money behind it. We would do it for the pure joy of writing about our lives, and we were ok if no one knew about it besides our closest friends and family members

Now blogging has become a money maker machine. People blog because they want free stuff, because they want to be popular, and most of them definitely just do it because they want all the money that comes with it – if you are a famous blogger, obviously – . The raw innocence of blogging just because has been lost and we are now just concerned about SEO and if our blog will make it to the first page of Google.

What happened to honest blogging?

I know that everything was different way back in the day, and I understand that we should mold our initiatives according to what’s happening in this day and age. But in a world full of paid promotions, Facetune and Photoshop, how can we still be innocent and honest? In fact, is it even still valid to be innocent? Is it worth it?

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If you start a blog today, or blog like it’s just a diary, will someone even know about it? Will you even get views? But then again… Are you doing it for the views? Or are you doing it to get it out of your chest?

Why do you even blog?

I miss the days when blogging was just us talking about our feelings and personal journey rather than what it has become today. No, I am not saying that sponsorships and making money with your page is wrong, not at all! I’m just re-thinking blogging, re-thinking the way this whole blog world works. Not for the views, not for the money, but for the simple fact that I enjoy writing about my life experience – like I used to do 14 years ago -.

Maybe someday I will become a well known blogger. Maybe I will make money with it… But until then, I will keep writing for no one. And can I tell you something? I freaking love it.


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